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Pocket Diagnostic® is pleased to announce the University of Idaho’s Parma Research and Extension Center as their latest distributor.

The Parma Research & Extension Center is an ideal partner for Pocket Diagnostic® due to their vast experience in plant disease diagnosis and management. Established in 1925, their focus is on research and extension programs in the production and storage of vegetable, fruit, cereals, hops and seed crops.

James Woodhall (Plant Pathologist and Extension Specialist) will be the point of contact for Pocket Diagnostic® customers in the USA. He explains why they are introducing Pocket Diagnostic® to their portfolio of offerings.

“We are keen for our Extension Officers to use the Pocket Diagnostic® tests owing to their rapid nature. In addition, people outside of the University of Idaho’s plant disease network will also certainly be able to benefit from using the tests.”

James is no stranger to using the Pocket Diagnostic® range. As a former employee of the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) in the UK, he is aware of the time-saving benefits offered by these rapid tests.

Producing results in a matter of minutes, inspectors and growers alike can get confirmation of the presence of a plant pathogen in the field when using Pocket Diagnostic®. That means the necessary protocol for dealing with a plant disease can begin quicker than if a sample was sent to a lab for analysis.

“We have been supplying Pocket Diagnostic® rapid tests for Phytophthora, Potato virus Y and Erwinia amylovora to the United States since the tests were first developed”, explains Pocket Diagnostic® Sales and Marketing Executive, Malcolm Briggs.

“However, having an organisation such as The Parma Research and Extension Center as a US partner is something we are very proud of”

Customers in the USA can still order Pocket Diagnostic® directly through our online shop if they would prefer. However, for information on how you can order from the University of Idaho please contact James Woodhall using the details below.

University of Idaho
Parma Research and Extension Center
29603 U of I Ln
Parma, ID 83660
Tel: 208 722-6701