About Us

Pocket Diagnostic® provides easy to use and reliable lateral flow tests for enabling the fast detection and screening of plant diseases, while still in the field. Accelerating the ability for plant health experts to deploy on-the-spot decision making for crop disease management.

The tests are the simplest way to confirm the identity of plant disease symptoms presented in plants, trees and crops. The tests are designed for professionals working in the field, saving time and money when compared with back-to-lab methods.

Our range of plant health rapid tests can be purchased online and come with everything required to complete the tests.

A brief history

The Pocket Diagnostic® plant pathogen diagnostic tests were first developed by Forsite Diagnostics (a UK government spin-out now trading as Abingdon Health) over 20 years ago for UK plant health inspectors. Following the successful use of the tests for potato and tree health inspections, the product range was rolled out to growers, farmers, agronomists, and researchers across the world.

Abingdon Health (York, UK) manufactures the Pocket Diagnostic® range at its automated state-of-the-art facilities under ISO 9001.

Pocket Diagnostic® is part of Abingdon Health.