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Pocket Diagnostic® Potato virus Y rapid test

The Pocket Diagnostic® Potato virus Y rapid test is a quick in-field test designed to detect the potato virus Y in a wide range of plant material, including woody tissues, leaves, roots and soft material.

Our Potato virus Y rapid test kit will detect both potato virus YO (common strain) and potato virus YN (necrotic strain).

How to use Pocket Diagnostic® Rapid Tests

Using the Pocket Diagnostic®  range is very simple. To see how to use the Pocket Diagnostic® tests please visit our ‘How to use’ page.

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About Potato virus Y

Potato virus Y (potyvirus) is commonly found in potato crops. Symptoms vary widely between virus strain and potato variety. Most common symptoms seen in the field will be due to secondary (tuber-borne) infection and include stunting, leaf mottling, crinkling, yellowing and necrosis. Primary (current season) infection usually has mild symptoms or none at all. PVY can also infect pepper/chilli (Capsicum spp), tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) and tomato (Solanum lycopersicum).

Be aware that PVY features on the UK Plant Health Risk Register.

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Kit Content - Pack of 4

Kit Contents

  • 4 x Potato virus Y (PVY) rapid test devices
  • 4 x sample extraction bottles
  • 4 x pipettes
  • 1 x Instructions for use

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