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Pocket Diagnostic® is manufactured and sold by Abingdon Health.

Logo of lateral flow test strips manufacture Abingdon HealthAbingdon Health Ltd

Abingdon Health is a UK based company focused on developing and manufacturing rapid lateral flow test strips for the medical, veterinary, plant health and food and beverage testing markets. Abingdon Health’s expertise is demonstrated by its rapid diagnostic product portfolio of Pocket Diagnostic®, PCRD Nucleic acid detection LFD, Seralite®– FLC Serum and Seralite®– FLC Urine.

Manufacture of lateral flow test strips by Abingdon Health

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As well as producing its own rapid diagnostic test strips, Abingdon Health’s lateral flow contract services team provide assay development and manufacturing for customers with validated reagents, or who are looking to transfer existing laboratory-based assays to lateral flow. Accompanying this they offer lateral flow assay reader OEM solutions using technology taken from its touchscreen reader ADxLR5®.

To support its strategic plan Abingdon is currently developing a multiplexed immunoassay rapid testing system based on fully disposable medical diagnostics for the rapid testing market. This device uses organic light emitting diodes (OLEDS) and organic photodetectors (OPDs) for versatile and quantitative optical detection in a portable and disposable format.