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A recent survey showed there was an increase in the presence of Fumonisins in 2017 compared with previous years. And with the ongoing threat of other mycotoxins such as Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin A, Zearalenone and T-2, the necessary exercise of mycotoxin testing can be costly.

Why are mycotoxins regulated?

Mycotoxins grow on moulds on a variety of food commodities and pose a significant risk to human health.

Mycotoxins can appear at different points along the supply chain and can appear on food commodities for a number of reasons including; the level of humidity, the amount of rainfall or the use of unfavourable crop rotation or storage techniques.

Of course, mycotoxin management techniques can be employed to negate the impact of these toxins. But, risk factors under the control of Mother Nature are harder to combat. With this are the main reasons why mycotoxin levels are regulated.

Rapid and cost-effective solution

There are a variety of mycotoxin detection methods on the market including LC-MS and HPLC. But, producing results utilising these laboratory-based technologies can be time-consuming and costly, and some in cases unnecessary if levels are low.

For example, LC-MS can take several days to produce results and can cost £100s per sample. Whereas, testing with lateral flow rapid tests can take place in the field or in storage, producing results in minutes at less than £10 per sample.

So, replacing some of the testing steps with using rapid tests could be a cost-saving exercise worth considering.

Minimal step mycotoxin detection method

In addition, the time-saving nature of lateral flow technology means in the long run costs of labour can be reduced because there is no requirement for the selection and shipping of samples destined for laboratory testing.

In contrast mycotoxin testing by lateral flow rapid test includes a few steps:

  1. Select and weigh your sample
  2. Carry out extraction with buffers and diluents
  3. Apply the prepared sample to the lateral flow device
  4. Wait several minutes for results

Learn more about how to incorporate lateral flow rapid tests into your testing procedures:

Mycotoxins rapid tests available

Why not try the Pocket Diagnostic® range for mycotoxin testing for your needs. Our tests will detect the following mycotoxins:

  • Aflatoxin B1
  • Total Aflatoxin
  • Ochratoxin A
  • Fumonisin
  • Zearalenone (ZEA)
  • Deoxynivalenol (DON) or Vomitoxin
  • T-2 / HT-2

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