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Using similar technology to a pregnancy test, Pocket Diagnostic® is a range of easy to use plant disease testing kits for the rapid detection of commercially damaging plant diseases in plants and crops caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Pocket Diagnostic plant disease lateral flow device in useThe kits are designed to provide rapid, reliable, in the field results to enable faster decision making and prevent the spread of disease for efficient crop disease management, and environmental protection.

Our manufacturing processes and the quality standards we adhere to ensure the Pocket Diagnostic® range continues to be a market leader in plant disease testing and to be an ever present part of plant disease management.

Pocket Diagnostic® Product Range

Disease Kit Options
Erwinia amylovora Box of 4
Potato virus Y Box of 4
Ralstonia solanacearum* Box of 4
Phytophthora* Single & box of 50

*These pathogens feature on the EPPO list of pests recommended for regulation as quarantine pests.

Details of each kit, including pricing, is available on the individual product page within the online shop.

The Benefits Of Using Pocket Diagnostic®

For nearly 20 years the Pocket Diagnostic® product range has helped growers, inspectors and consultants manage plant diseases and protect crops through early and routine diagnosis of plant pathogens. The tests offer many advantages including:

  • Simple to use, no training required
  • Rapid results, less than 10 minutes
  • Cost effective alternative to laboratory testing
  • Faster decision making
  • Portable, in the field use
  • Removes subjectivity

Applications and Use

Pocket Diagnostic® test kits are used to detect plant paPhytophthora in field testthogens in trees, ornamentals, soft fruits, vegetables and crops.

The tests can be used for routine screening in the glasshouse, field or supply chain, or for confirmation of disease symptoms.

Pocket Diagnostic® kits are robust enough to cope with the demand of the varied testing landscape.


Note: The customer (outside EU) is responsible for having any applicable import licences/permits in place prior to purchase and shipping.