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The Pocket Diagnostic® Fumonisin Rapid Test is a cost-effective competitive lateral flow immunoassay that can be used in multiple testing scenarios for the qualitative screening of Fumonisin at a detection limit of 200 ppb.


The Pocket Diagnostic® Fumonisin Rapid Test can be used to test grains when screening for the presence of Fumonisin.

Cut-off = 200 ppb.

Kit options and prices

Kit options and prices

Box of 10 rapid tests £65.00
Box of 20 rapid tests £120.00
Box of 40 rapid tests £220.00


Below is an example of the kit contents for a box of 40 rapid tests.

  • 40 tests per pack
  • 15 ml PBST Buffer x 1 bottle
  • 200ml PBS A x 4 bottles
  • Instructions for use

Additional equipment required but not provided

  • Test tubes
  • Pipette
  • Balance
Please read the instructions before using the rapid tests for the detection of Fumonisin.


The advantages of using Pocket Diagnostic® Fumonisin Rapid Test:

  • Cost-effective screening tool
  • Results are produced in minutes
  • Simple step-by-step lateral flow testing format
  • Rapid and accurate results
  • Minimal training required
  • Compliant with EU cut-off levels
  • No cross-reaction with Aflatoxin, Deoxynivalenol, Zearalenone, T2/HT2, Ochratoxin A.

Interpretation of results

Interpretation of results


The Test Line (T) is lighter in colour than the Control Line (C) or there is no Test Line. 


The Test Line (T) is the same density of colour as, or darker than the Control Line (C).


An invalid result is likely to occur if there has been an insufficient volume of sample added to the sample well or the test procedure has not been followed correctly. In the event of an invalid result follow the test procedure again with a new rapid test. If invalid results continue after two further attempts contact your supplier.

About Fumonisin

Fumonisin is a mycotoxin produced by fungi in the Fusarium genus and occurs mainly in corn but has been reported in rice, sorghum and barley.

Fumonsins have been linked with causing esophageal cancel in humans, pulmonary edema in pigs and leukoencephalomalacia in horses.

Although there is no definitive answer as to what are the optimum conditions for the production of Fumonisin, warm and weather can be linked to its production.

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