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Confirm the presence of potato diseases quickly before they spread

The fight against potato diseases is always on the minds of potato growers. Growers use disease management strategies such as seed storage techniques and irrigation monitoring with the hope of achieving high yield.

During routine potato crop inspections, at some point, should a crop become symptomatic, there will be a requirement to confirm which disease is present. This can be done visually. But, this is not accurate.

Confirming accurately which disease is present ensures peace-of-mind for the next steps in disease management strategy. Diagnostic testing is recommended for determining which plant disease is present. But, which diagnostic test will provide the quickest results?

Quick solution for detection

As reported recently in Farmers Weekly, James Hutton Institute warns Potato Blight could pose a potential problem for potato farmers this year if wet and warm weather trends continue after the recent cold spell.

Potato Blight, caused by the fungus Phytophthora Infestans, thrives in wet and warm conditions, and if left unmanaged could result in the disease spreading throughout crops with devastating effect.

In the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) Potatoes Managing the Risk of Late Blight Guide it recommends laboratory testing as a method for detecting the disease and confirming its presence.

Potato diseases can be detected in minutes using Pocket Diagnostic

Click on image to see how lateral flow plant disease tests work.

However, laboratory testing can take several weeks to provide results, by which time a disease could have spread. But, Pocket Diagnostic® lateral flow quick tests provide a fast, in-field, solution for detecting some potato diseases.

Pocket Diagnostic® lateral flow tests work by simply taking a small sample of symptomatic plant material. Adding the material to a buffer solution, mixing the buffer solution and then adding it to the lateral flow test. In up to 10 minutes a yes or no result will appear.

Pocket Diagnostic detects a range of potato diseases when testing symptomatic plants whilst still in the field.

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