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Following a recent article posted on the BBC website, Phytophthora ramorum continues to pose a problem across the UK.

The BBC article highlighted the work being carried out by Forestry Commission Scotland to clear timber affected by P. ramorum, also known as Sudden Oak Death, out of Galloway Forest Park.

Containing the spread of P. ramorum is not always straightforward especially as Phytophthora pathogens can spread very easily on footwear, animals and vehicles. It is for this reason that notices have popped up across the country to educate people about the importance of cleaning footwear to help prevent the spread of spores in parks and woodlands.

Weather conditions also do not help to contain the spread of the disease. The Strategy for Phytophthora ramorum in Scotland (2015 – 2017) noted; the disease on larch showed a significant expansion in 2013 within south-west Scotland, thought to have been caused mainly by the wet and windy weather conditions experienced the previous year.

Quick Detection of Phytophthora ramorum

Detecting Phytophthora ramorum quickly is an important step for effective disease management. The Pocket Diagnostic® Phytophthora test is a useful tool for the on-site detection of the generic Phytophthora pathogen. The test uses lateral flow technology to confirm the presence of Phytophthora on site in less than ten minutes. The Phytophthora rapid tests are supplied with all the components needed to operate the test. Also, there is no specialist training required to use the tests.

For more information about using the Pocket Diagnostic® Phytophthora lateral flow test. Please contact us on +44 (0) 1904 406050 or Alternatively, please visit our products pages.

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