Pocket Diagnostic® is pleased to announce the addition of another distributor of our plant disease rapid tests in the United States of America.

Potadaho Seed Services (“Potadaho”) joins the Pocket Diagnostic® distributor network having amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience working in the potato industry in the Pacific Northwest over many years.

Pocket Diagnostic® plant disease tests have been benefiting the potato, horticulture and forestry industries for nearly twenty years. Pocket Diagnostic® produces in-field results in a matter of minutes, which enables advisors, inspectors and growers alike to confirm the presence of a plant pathogen quickly, meaning the necessary protocol for dealing with a plant disease can begin faster than if a sample was sent to a lab for analysis.

Sales and Marketing Lead Malcolm Briggs comments on the announcement.

“We are pleased to add to our growing distributor network in North America. Last year we were delighted to announce our first partner in the States. The addition of another distributor in this region further enhances our position in the plant health testing market.”

Jon Agnew, co-owner of Potadaho explains why Potadaho is interested in distributing Pocket Diagnostic tests.

“We first came across the tests [Pocket Diagnostic®] when working with one of our clients in Idaho. After using the test we were impressed. The ease of use, the materials provided, the quickness of results and reassurance of identification was something we felt our clients would benefit from. Clients certainly agreed with us when doing our market research on the tests.”

Whilst working predominantly in the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Hawaii, Potadaho will be a point of contact for anyone in the US or Canada interested in utilising plant disease rapid tests from Pocket Diagnostic®.

For information on how you can order from the Potadaho Seed Services please contact Jon Agnew or Brian Smith using the details below.

Potadaho Seed Services
10583 W Bramblewood St.
ID 83709
Tel: 208 4403793
Email: [email protected]