The benefits of Pocket Diagnostic Phytophthora test highlighted at the EFINORD-SNS Phytophthora-diseases of forest trees meeting.

For many years Phytophthora species have been destroying plants, forests and woodlands throughout the world, especially in Northern Europe and North America. The UK alone has seen heavy losses with millions of trees felled over the years as a consequence of the devastating presence of Phytophthora species.

As a result of the impact ‘the plant destroyer’ has on trees and other plants, scientists and research networks continue to gather their collective knowledge and experience to discuss how to best prevent the spread of Phytophthora species.

On 25th May 2015 the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, co-ordinated by Johanna Witzell (Assoc. Prof), gathered representatives from universities and forestry organisations from Finland, Norway, Latvia, USA, Denmark, Lithuania and Estonia as part of the EFINORD-SNS research network ‘Phytophthora-diseases of forest trees in Northern Europe’.

EFINORD-SNS is a collaboration between the North European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute (EFINORD) and Nordic Forest Research (SNS) to increase North European regional synergy within forest research.

The agenda for the meeting involved delegates presenting ongoing research activities and knowledge gaps for practical forestry, including urban forestry.

During the event delegates learned about the quick and easy-to-use benefits of using the Pocket Diagnostic® Phytophthora rapid test during routine disease management.

Events such as these are important for understanding preventive measures to reduce the damage of Phytophthora on woodlands and forests. These research networks form part of the ongoing innovation and progression of general knowledge empowerment, in both the scientific community and the general public; about the devastating affect diseases such as Phytophthora have on forest ecosystems.