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Pocket Diagnostic® is pleased to announce Ephyra Biosciences Inc as their latest distributor.

Located in Ontario, Canada, Ephyra Biosciences Inc has experience in offering products and services for the detection of plant pathogens in grapevines, fruits and vegetables. This experience lends itself well to being a distributor of the Pocket Diagnostic® product range.

Producing results in a matter of minutes, inspectors and growers alike can get confirmation of the presence of a plant pathogen in the field when using Pocket Diagnostic®. That means the necessary protocol for dealing with a plant disease can begin quicker than if a sample was sent to a lab for analysis.

Ephyra Biosciences Inc has added the Erwinia amylovora (Fire blight) and Phytophthora (Late blight, Sudden Oak Death,) Pocket Diagnostic® rapid tests to their portfolio. Being located in Ontario they are well placed to serving the Province’s large apple growing industry should there be a Fire Blight outbreak. In addition, with Canada producing nearly 4.6 m tonnes of potato annually and having 347 million hectares of forest, being able to offer a rapid test for Phytophthora will be well received by Ephyra Biosciences’ customers.

“The appointment of Ephyra Biosciences comes in the same week of signing a distributor in the US – this will be announced in the upcoming days. Having representation across the whole of North America means those Pocket Diagnostic® customers in Canada and USA can now benefit from ordering from experienced plant disease management company’s in their own countries”, explains Pocket Diagnostic® Sales and Marketing Executive, Malcolm Briggs.

Customers in the Canada can still order Pocket Diagnostic® directly through our online shop if they would prefer. However, for information on how you can order from Ephyra Biosciences please contact Christian Helvig using the details below.

Ephyra Biosciences Inc
Markham ON,
Tel: 1-647-225-504

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