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Pocket Diagnostic® is pleased to announce BJ-Agro Aps, a supplier of products and services to agriculture market in Denmark, as the latest distributor of their rapid plant disease tests.

Dedicated to aiding the supply chain by offering products and services to maintain the sustainable growth of crops, BJ Agro is well placed to promote the sales of Pocket Diagnostic® rapid plant disease tests.

Producing results in a matter of minutes, inspectors and growers alike can get confirmation of the presence of a plant pathogen in the field when using Pocket Diagnostic® plant disease tests. That means the necessary protocol for dealing with a plant disease can begin quicker than if a sample was sent to a lab for analysis.

Sales and Marketing Executive, Malcolm Briggs, comments:

“This year we have added distributors from some important market territories and this latest appointment is a step into another important territory.”

“Having BJ Agro on board will certainly help to increase the exposure of our tests. BJ Agro knows the benefits of using rapid tests as part of routine disease management and will be well placed to champion the use of plant disease tests in Denmark”.

For information on how you can order from BJ-Agro Aps please contact Benny Jensen using the details below.

Vorbassevej 2,
6682 Hovborg,
Tel: +45 75 19 15 80

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