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Pocket Diagnostic® is a range of rapid tests for commercially damaging plant diseases. Manufactured by Abingdon Health and distributed worldwide, the tests have been helping growers, advisors, inspectors and researchers for many years.

Pocket Diagnostic® History

Pocket Diagnostic® in-field plant pathogen rapid tests were developed by the UK Government Food & Environment Research Agency, FERA* (formerly Central Science Laboratory), for use by plant health inspectors testing for tomato and potato diseases. The success of the products led to the formation of spin-out company Forsite Diagnostics Ltd** to lead the manufacture and commercialisation of the kits.

Forsite Diagnostics Ltd subsequently rolled out the tests to growers, farmers, agronomists, research institutes and private laboratories worldwide to enable them to realise the benefits of this technology. Since their launch, the high quality and reliability of these kits have led to their use in routine disease monitoring programmes and in response to disease outbreaks. Pocket Diagnostic® rapid tests are recognised worldwide as industry-leading plant disease detection kits.

For more information about our plant disease test kits visit our Pocket Diagnostic® product page.

Quality and Manufacturing

Pocket Diagnostic® rapid lateral flow tests and are developed and manufactured in the UK, by Abingdon Health, using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in environmentally-controlled facilities. Quality is at the heart of everything Abingdon Health does and is demonstrated by their facility being certified to ISO9001:2008 and ISO 13485-2003 (including EN ISO 13485:2012).

Abingdon Health’s manufacturing facilities are also GMP compliant, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

*FERA is now known as Fera Science Ltd. The Plant Health Seed Inspectorate is now part of the Animal and Plant Health Agency.
**In 2012 Abingdon Health Ltd acquired a controlling stake in Forsite Diagnostics Ltd. Forsite Diagnostics Ltd is now trading as Abingdon Health.
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