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“These kits are very useful in underdeveloped countries and remote areas, as they do not require the user to have access to a laboratory. It’s very satisfying to see your symptom diagnosis confirmed on the spot.”

Phil Jones
Research Leader

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Pocket Diagnostics takes the privacy of our visitors' data very seriously. We are required to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to the processing of any personal data we obtain from you. This Privacy Policy will tell you up front how we plan to use the information we collect about you via our website so that you can decide whether or not to provide it to us and are aware of exactly how your data will be used.

What personal data is collected and what information is required for registration?

Your personal data is data that allows others to identify you. It may include, by way of example, your name, an address or email address.

How is the data collected?

We may collect data (which may include personal data about you) in a variety of ways, for example;

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The information which we collect from you will be used by us in order to process your orders or to advise you of any up coming new products or promotions. You're under no obligation to provide all the information requested, if you decline to do so, we will be unable to provide you these special services. After reading this Privacy Policy, we hope that you'll feel comfortable providing the information we need to bring you these beneficial services.

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How can you correct any inaccuracies in your information?

You have the right to have any personal data which we hold on you kept accurate and up to date.

In addition you have the right to be informed about any personal data which we hold on you. If you request access to that information, we may request a small fee to cover our administration charges.

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We maintain strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of all customer or visitor information. If you have any concerns or questions about privacy, please do contact us. We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time to respond to changing legal regulations or business concerns in which case we will post a copy on our website.