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Using Plant Disease Diagnostic tests

Pocket Diagnostic in-field tests are designed to give growers, consultants and inspectors information about plant health where and when it is needed. Disease symptoms can be confirmed in just a few minutes anywhere in the glasshouse, field or supply chain.  

Everything needed for testing plants in the field is included in the pack. The unique ‘bottle and ball’ sample preparation method means that only 30-40 seconds of shaking are needed before the test can be run. 

Convenient and easy to use - bringing point of care decision making to your crops.

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How to use the test

1. Select sample (Tips on sample prep.Click here...)  2. Cut or tear sample into small pieces and put into bottle.  3. Shake firmly for 30-40 seconds (30-60 seconds for more resistant samples).  4. Draw liquid into pipette.  5. Add 2 drops into sample well of test strip.  6. Read result after 3-5 minutes. One line is negative result, two lines show positive result. (To see how to test wood and root samples Click here...) Trouble Shooting tips click here

6 Step Guide