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Blight CheckDS™: helping protect your garden crops


***Blight CheckDS is no longer available for sale. Please refer to our Phytophthora test. Using the same technology the Phytophthora test is a more sensitive and improved test***  


A simple and rapid test for the home gardener to identify late blight disease in potatoes and tomatoes

Late blight is a disease caused by Phytophthora infestans.  The disease can ruin potato and tomato crops in a few days, and early identification is essential in protecting crops.  Blight CheckDS is a rapid test to help gardeners detect blight when it first appears and to distinguish blight symptoms from other markings on leaves. 

Using Blight CheckDS            

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What to test

What is blight

The blight test uses technology identical to that used in the home pregnancy test, with high sensitivity and easy to read results.  Each pack contains sufficient materials for five tests.

Even the experts say that the first symptoms of blight are difficult to recognise, but using Blight CheckDS will take guesswork out of the diagnosis.  The test is sensitive, specific and reliable.

The Royal Horticultural Society site contains useful information about the control and management of blight.