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Diagnóstico de campo en minutos

Los kits de diagnóstico de bolsillo están diseñados para dar a los cultivadores, consultores técnicos e inspectores información sobre la salud de las plantas donde y cuando sea necesario.

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Minutenschnelle Vor-Ort-Diagnose

Pocket Diagnostic-kits dienen dazu, Züchtern sowie technischen Beratern und Prüfern zu einer beliebigen Zeit an jedem beliebigen Ort Informatoinen zum Zustand von Pflanzen zu geben - ob im Gewächshaus, auf dem Feld oder in der Versorgungskette.

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About us

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Proven reliability and instant peace of mind

The Pocket Diagnostic in-field plant pathogen diagnostic test kits were developed by the UK Government (Food & Environment Research Agency, FERA) in 1999 for their plant health inspectors to use when testing for potato and tomato diseases. Following the success the UK plant health inspectors experienced when using the tests, the product range grew to enable growers, farmers, agronomists, research institutes and private laboratories to benefit from the technology.

All demanding high quality and reliability, our clients continue to use Pocket Diagnostic kits as part of their routine disease monitoring programmes or as a direct reaction to potentially devastating disease outbreaks.

The UK Government awarded Forsite Diagnostics in York, UK (Private spin-out company from the UK government) the license to manufacture and sell Pocket Diagnostics. The kits are developed and manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment in controlled environment production facilities. The tests are validated comprehensively and show over 96% correlation with laboratory diagnostic methods. We are accredited to international quality standards of ISO13485:2003 & ISO9001:2008. This ensures quality and accurate results.

Forsite’s active R&D programmes continue to generate new and improved tests in response to customer demands and new and important disease outbreaks. This makes Pocket Diagnostic the first choice for in-field plant diagnosis and crop protection.

The tests we sell detect diseases in the following type of crop and plants

Ornamentals ~ Potatoes Soft Fruit Salads and Vegetables ~ Trees ~ Arable Crops  

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PocketDiagnostic is the registered trademark of Forsite Diagnostics Ltd (now trading as Abingdon Health).